AMP Stories WordPress Plugins Download ( Beta ) - Google AMP Stories

AMP Web Stories Plugin Download - Web Stories Plugin For WordPress Is Official Not Available But Available In Beta Version For Testing And Give Feedback. AMP Web Stories Plugin Download . Web Stories immersive Your Reader Full Fast Loading Exp. Full Screen Fast Easily Create In Just One Click . Google Change Name Of AMP Stories - Web Stories . Now This Plugin Available As Web Stories Plugin . 

Web Stories Plugin Provide Content Publisher With a Mobile Focus  Format For Delivering News And Contait As Visual Rich Tap Through Stories . Web Stories Plugin Offers a Robut Set of Advertising Oppertunity For Advertiser And Publishers to Reach A Unique Audience On The Web On Emarsivie Experience.

Most Usable Features

  • Create Beautiful and Engaging Contant Easily
  • Creative Flexibility For Editorial Freedom And Branding
  • Shareble And Linkable On The Web
  • Track And Measure
  • Fast Loading Time
  • Immersive Stories Telling
  • Robust Advertising Support
  • Image , Videos , GiF Support
  • Text And Audio Support
  • Animation And Interactions Support
  • Web Stories Monetization Support 

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